Mark McHugh

Clinical Psychologist

Mark provides specialist treatment for people with substance abuse, trauma and post traumatic stress (also with children), chronic pain management, adjustment problems with anxiety and depression, rehabilitation from work injury and accident, and provides psychological services to organisations.

After completing 8 years of study in psychology, with a Masters of Clinical Psychology, Mark has worked in private and public hospitals as a clinical psychologist with young adult to senior adult psychiatric inpatients and outpatients on the Gold Coast.

At Goldbridge Rehabilitation Services, he treated young adults to seniors with substance abuse for alcohol, heroin, methadone, oxycontin, amphetamines, cannabis, substance induced psychosis, and prescription medications. In intake and outpatient services providing diagnosis, individual and group treatment for substance abuse and other mental health conditions.

At Gold Coast Hospital Orthopaedics, he worked with patients experiencing depression and anxiety related to acute physical injuries and chronic diseases. Patients with psychological difficulties included pre and post surgery, fibro-myalgia, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, diabetes and other autoimmune diseases.

At the Acute Care Team and Continuing Care Team, Queensland Health Gold Coast Service District, he worked with acute and chronic mental health patients. Whilst there, Mark provided assessment, diagnosis and treatment for the care management of patients with severe mental health difficulties.

Mark has been in private practice for the last few years, working with young adult's to seniors (children with trauma), couples and families. After over a decade away, he have relocated back to Adelaide from the Gold Coast Queensland and commenced work in private practice.

Mark is a very good communicator, providing quality, timely diagnosis, treatment and assessment reports for people experiencing psychological difficulties.

Mark McHugh   Psychologist e xtraordinaire      

Mark McHugh

Psychologist extraordinaire   

Psych Difficulties

Whether you or your loved one is suffering stress, distress, anxiety or the darkness of depression we can help.

PsychWell also provide assessment reports assisting in criminal, civil, Psycho-legal reports, risk assessments for children, registration boards etc.

Accessing treatment is very affordable, where your GP can provide Medicare access through a Mental Health Care Plan, Veterans Affairs (VVCS), WorkCover, Private Insurance, Motor Accident Commission (MAC). Conveniently located in Croydon SA, Adelaide, Western Suburbs.

Psych Approach

 Seeking to change can be a very difficult process to navigate alone when you’re experiencing a difficult psychological process. If you are having difficulty with psychological distress or depression we have a quality treatment process that can help. Psychological treatment involves therapy aimed at adjusting thinking, behaviour and regulating emotions, to return you, to your normal level of psychological wellness.

Where as doctors and psychiatrists prescribe medications as treatment. On occasions, it can be helpful to combine both methods of treatment to obtain lasting sustainable improvements. Overtime, with your medical physician, medication can often be reduced following a sustained period of recovery after treatment. (Discussed with your medical provider)

Psych Wellness

Achieving psychological wellness is provided with an easy to talk with, genuine, caring practitioner, who listens to your problems. We use a client centred approach, which means that you drive the process of change. Using tried and proven treatments that are effective and used in the number of sessions of a plan developed specifically for you. So that you can obtain Psychological Wellness.

Psych Organisation

People in their own business, in professional firms and organisations can experience a variety of difficulties at work.

Whether difficulties managing restructuring, managing difficult staff members, substance abuse, critical incident management, redundancy interviews or bullying is an issue, PsychWell can offer solutions.

Coaching for individuals is available for managing of stress, career and life balance.