Assessments & Report Writing

At PsychWell we seek to answer the queries necessary to provide an effective assessment report, utilising valid and reliable measures of psychological problems. 

Assessment reports are conducted following a thorough clinical interview enquiring of substantiated background information, utilising collateral information from previous reporting and secondary sources, establishing a clear accurate understanding of the psychological influences on thinking and behaviour.

Assessment reports are conducted for individuals and organisations for a variety of purposes. Including the psychological assessment of impairment of the impact of events on a person’s life and daily functioning, measured prior to events, current and opinion of future functioning.

Furthermore, pre-sentencing reports are conducted to establish the influence of psychological distress leading to events. Risk assessments have been effectively conducted for Child Safety to assess the competency of parenting and risk assessment of offenders.

The reasons for assessment reporting include the diagnosis, risk assessment, medico-legal reports for court, personal injury assessment.

  • Motor Vehicle Accident MAC
  • Victims of Crime
  • Personal Injury
  • Pre-Sentencing Reports
  • Risk Assessment Child Safety
  • Work Place Dispute
  • Registration Board
  • Work Place Trauma and Injury
  • WorkCover

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